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Sweat Lodge

The sweat lodge at Birkihof retreat center is an ancient rite (ceremony) which native Americans preserved but the purpose of the sweat is to seek to cleanse the mind, body, and soul.
The person usually reaches a place within himself to give up for thoughts that no longer serve and connect to themselves and the natural elements in a new way each time.


Included is the use of the swimming pool and floating gear after

the sweat ceremony and then a light supper - soup and bread.

Accommodation is also at hand if people choose it. We welcome groups and individuals. This is a powerful nature experience.




We answer all inquiries at regarding

bookings for groups or individuals into a sweatlodge
After the date has been set, a confirmation fee must be paid to secure the place and send the reference to the e-mail address with reference to the date of the event.

Not included

  • Take two towels with you

  • Shoes in order to walk to the tent. e.g. sandals or other light footwear

  • Swimwear


  • Sweat Lodge: 18.000 ISK

  • Sweat Lodge + accommodation + breakfast : 28.000 ISK


The account: 

545-26-1614.  Kt: 690916-0290.
The confirmation price is half of the price.

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