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The experience


Birkihof is a warm and beautiful Icelandic guesthouse

with a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a sauna.
Accommodation is for up to 18 people including a fully equipped kitchen and a dining room
which can also be used

under every kind of courses and workshops. Minimum stay is two nights and we only rent out the whole facilities.
Birkihof is located in a unique place where the environment is in the nourishing and beautiful Icelandic nature.



We accept groups and individuals and have beds for up to 18 people,

two kitchens and a dining room where it is also possible to host lectures, workshops, yoga classes, and meditation. Here is a great opportunity for team building, surprise trips, conferences and/or healthy togetherness for companies and groups. It is possible to rent the place for a longer or shorter period of time with or without agenda.

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Float and Meditation

We offer floating gear to relax fully in the pool area. 

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Sweat Lodge

Birkihof regularly offers Sweat Lodge for groups and individuals.
The sweat lodge is an ancient rite (ceremony) which Native Americans preserved. the main purpose of the sweat is to cleanse the mind, body, and soul. The person usually reaches a state where they surrender thoughts that do not serve longer and connect to themselves and the natural elements in a new way.

The best way to book a sweat Lodge

is to send an email to

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Birkihof offers for rent Renault Trafic

suitable for up to 8 people.
 for groups staying on-site with or without a driver



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